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Collection Update!

I got some exciting packages in the mail this last week that I'd like to share with you!

But first, a quick heads up - I mailed out a few packages myself last Friday, for:

Ok, on to the gets!

This first item is something that had been near the top of my wants list for quite a long time - 2 years, maybe? All I had was this picture:

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Insert

He is from a Europe-exclusive set in AG era, and I guess those two factors combined have made him pretty hard to find. I guess not very many of the add-on sets were made (or sold?)

I bought a big set from a seller on eBay UK that had all of the Pokemon in this series, except the Salamence and Rayquaza I wanted. I have been watching the 'salamence' auctions on eBay UK since then, but have not seen one appear there even once!

Then, I mentioned looking for him in someone's post of looking for another AG era Pokemon toy, and I got an offer to buy one! And he is finally here!

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Figure

He is so gorgeous, I just can't get over him. Well worth the wait!

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Figure

His details are so perfect and beautiful T_T

That hole is for his 'try me' button! I've been calling him the 'talking Salamence' figure but of course he doesn't actually talk, because Salamence is one of those Pokemon that just roars instead of saying his name. However, the batteries are starting to die out (this is a Hoenn era toy still in its package, after all), so mostly he makes pew pew sounds. Sometimes, he gets out half a roar before the battery gives out. XD

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Figure

He comes with a base and some pegs, meant to attach to a big Groudon playset. (If you're curious about the other figures in the playset, I got most them while attempting to get this one - you can see my old auction post here for most of them. I also sold Charizard in my sales post recently. I never did get Rayquaza, though.) Anyway, the other figures in the set connect to Groudon's base, and they do things like spit fire and throw rocks to disrupt the base.

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Figure Box

The back of the box! You can see him with his other playset bros in the corner there.

Pokemon Bandai Salamence Figure

I used to debate which Salamence figure has the best face. But I think we have a winner, here.

You might be wondering why he's still in the box. I do debox most of my toys for photos and display, but I couldn't bring myself to do it with this rare one just yet. Since I'm packing up much of my collection for a move anyway, what I'll likely do is leave him in the box for the move, to be sure he gets there as safely as possible. Then maybe I'll open him up and take more pics~

A million thanks to noctowl100 for selling this handsome guy to me! I didn't think he was a grail item, but when I heard you had one, I started shaking like it was "grail fever". I am very relieved and happy to have him here at last <3

And next, I also got in a few new customs! Here is my latest custom plush:

Pokemon Gliscor Crochet Custom Plush

It's a big Gliscor! Made by strangelycute, who I just happened to meet at the Philadelphia mall tour while he was in progress!

I still can't find Gliscor's official puppet plush (anyone have one of THOSE laying around?) so I filled the gap a bit with a nicely made crochet plush ^_^

Pokemon Gliscor Crochet Custom Plush - Back View

Showing his wings! He's so big that it's hard to hold him up for photos with one hand and take a photo with the other...

Pokemon Gliscor Crochet Custom Plush

The arms are fairly flexible!

I'm not sure why, but from most angles he looks kind of like Ash's Gliscor in the anime being sad - maybe it's the angle of his ears? But if you look directly at him:

Pokemon Gliscor Crochet Custom Plush

He's actually got a pretty fierce expression!

I don't get new Gliscor very often, so it's been quite a while since I had an update of them (other than my full collection video a few weeks ago). If you forgot or didn't know I collect Gliscor, here is what the collection looks like now!

Pokemon Gliscor Collection

That other custom plush is a DX bell plush of sorts, made by the awesome flag! You can also see her accompanying art on the left there.

Gliscor is one of my 'all plush and figures' collections, but I pick up or hold onto other items here and there when the mood strikes me. I'm also a sucker for stamps, so I've got 3 Retsuden stamps and a foam one from one of the movies (12?) there too.

I know I'm also missing a stylus with a figure on the end, but I haven't bothered to pick it up yet since it seems hard to display and is pretty common. I'll get one at some point, though!

The only item I'm really looking for right now of Gliscor is the puppet plush, as I mentioned - here's a photo of it for those that haven't seen it before:

Gliscor Pokemon Plush Puppet

It was supposed to be released mid 2008 with some other puppets (Shaymin and Pikachu, I think), but Gliscor never seems to have made it to a mass release. If you find one for sale, I would greatly appreciate a link! <3 It is actually my top non-Dialga want right now!

And next, let's have another custom, this time of Jolteon!

Happy Jolteon Custom Sculpture

I get most of my custom items from other community members, but this one is from DeviantArt, from the artist Sara121089. I was browsing Pokemon sculptures and liked the way she did Eeveelutions, so on a whim I requested a happy Jolteon from her, and here he is!

Happy Jolteon Custom Sculpture

Since he's a happy Jolteon and I'm happyjolteon, I made an icon of his face ^_^

Happy Jolteon Custom Sculpture

Side view!

Happy Jolteon Custom Sculpture

And his cute mane and butt spikes.

He seems a little bit...chunky, to me? And I don't mean fat, more like..slightly blocky. But it is good! Jolteon doesn't have to be a lithe bishie Pokemon all the time.

And now, on to my new Dialga gets! Unsurprisingly, there are more of these than anything else~

Dialga and Shiny Dialga Custom Charms

First up is a pair of charms from taycs! I was originally going to just get the shiny one, but it was only a few bucks more to get the regular too, so I figured I may as well!

These charms are a bit different from other charms I've commissioned - instead of being smooth or laminate, they have a sort of gritty texture. But it's interesting!

If you like these, you can get copies of them with the proceeds going to charity, from her post here! However, it looks like you may need to wait until next week to make a new request since she is now booked up ^_^;

Dialga Battle Wheel Toys (3)

After a lot of hunting and looking at overpriced lots, I now have Dialga's first 3 battle wheels! (I sure hope there aren't any more that I don't know about! >_>) For some reason, these toys seem to be really expensive to buy secondhand even when new, though I know they're just 200 yen in the gachapon machine. Maybe it's that they're not very popular?

The first one is a lucky find on Amazon, the middle one is from mana_mihara (thanks again!!), and the third one is from a set with Piplup I bought on Mbok for $expensive. They are fairly neat toys I think, but just a pain to track down for a decent price!

Dialga Battle Wheel Toys (3)

Here's a closeup without the launchers and extra discs. They're basically metal tops with a shimmery sticker on top, that you can launch against each other to 'battle'.

Dialga Storybook Magnets (2)

I also have a new addition to my magnets collection! It's the one on the right, in an unusual pose.

During our Pokemon get-together for the Philadelphia mall tour, I was sitting in a bookstore resting my tired feet, after checking the store for Pokemon goodies and not finding anything. But then mamoswine came up to me, said, "I found a Dialga thing!", and led me to a book of Pokemon magnets, including this one! Thanks darling! <3

Like the other magnet in the photo, this one is from a book with metal pages and a bunch of magnets. You're supposed to arrange the magnets on the pages to tell a story, but of course I just take out the magnets and split them up ^_^; The rest of the set has Pokemon from the 12th movie like the Johto starters and Arceus, and I'll put them up for sale with some other magnets I have at a later time.

Dialga Party Favors

I was intrigued by this puzzle cube in dragonheir148's collection video a few weeks ago, and after a little research I was able to find a set online. The set came with 4 but I don't expect there is a lot of interest in these Pokemon (Dialga, Palkia, and the Sinnoh starter evolutions), so I'm just going to keep 2 of them so I can show both of the Dialga sides at the same time!

And last but not least, one more Dialga item:

Dialga Pokemon Fair Wall Scroll

I won this banner in a community auction from 99reddrifloons, and I couldn't be more pleased with it! I was actually expecting it to be made of paper, but it's made of cloth like a wallscroll.

When I first saw it, I hesitated a little bit because it's got Dawn and Piplup so prominently, but then it struck me that it was a promotional item probably not put out for general sale (or at least that's what I'm guessing, since it says 7-11 Pokemon Fair 2007), and that there is probably a Palkia and maybe Darkrai counterpart. Then, I had to have it!

It looks pretty crooked in the picture, but it's actually wider at the bottom than the top! It's also quite a bit bigger than I expected even though she gave the measurements of it when putting it up for offer so for now it's on the wall opposite the rest of my collection. I'll be sure to find a good spot for it once I move!

That is all for today, folks! Thanks for looking! I'm currently working on a sales post with a few thousand Amada stickers, and I'll probably have a moving sale of some items from my collection after that, so look out for sales too! =)
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