Lauren (elaenabolton) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cubchoo Merch? Stamps Reminder.

Hi guys! Thanks to lovedbyahero  convincing me to start a new collection, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what merch there is of this guy:
I've got the Pokedoll on order from Gin and am hopefully getting the stamp from the Pokemon Center Stamps set, but has there been anything else?


While I'm here, quick reminder of the Stamps GB.
We're still looking for claims on Panpour, Axew, Audino, Munna, Gothita and Foongus in the first set and Haxorus, Patrat and Timburr in the second set.
Click the link or the pictures to be taken to the original post!

Tags: audino, axew, cubchoo, foongus, gothita, haxorous, munna, panpour, pansear, patrat, timburr

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