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Helping out Japan in my own way

So I'm sure everybody knows about the huge earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan earlier this week, and the efforts of a lot of people to raise donation money. At the risk of seeming like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, I'm trying to help out in my own way!

I have a thread over at help_japan , a LJ comm dedicated to raising money for the Japan through fandom auctions. I'm offering the three highest bidders each a plushie, the size, intricacy and type depending on what the bids end up being. I'm far and away not the most talented plushie maker on this community, but I've done commissions for quite a few members here at pkmncollectors , and I'd like to think my work is at least worth a few donations to the relief funds for Japan. :) Here is the thread for those interested.

In addition to that, I'm also doing this:

Back in November I made a bunch of these little felt critters (though not the one-per-day thirty mark like I'd planned), and they seemed to be fairly popular, so I thought I'd do it again, only for Japan this time. 100% of my profits from this will be donated to the Red Cross's Japan relief fund. (A small amount will be used to purchase materials and pay for shipping, however).

General Things:
-I will be donating via paypal to the American Red Cross's Japan relief fund
-all prices listed will include shipping both for within and outside the USA
-ALL of the plushies will be made from felt and felt alone
-Examples here

-I'm helping run an anime convention next weekend (the 19th and 20th), so I won't be able to start the felties before that
-I will make and ship out felties in order of when I receive payment starting on March 21st, and ending...whenever I finish.
-this post is exclusive to pkmncollectors , but I don't necessarily have to make characters from Pokemon!
-I can't make humans or a lot of quadrupedal animals (ie horses, cows, etc.)
-I can make items (ie pokeballs, berries), gym badges, or other similar things
-shinies are acceptable
-5th generation Pokemon encouraged!
-if you want a feltie, comment here with what Pokemon (or whatever else it is  you want) and what size.

There are two sizes available:

Tiny: 3" tall or wide, $5 base price, $6 shipped within the US, $7 shipped outside the US

Medium: 6" tall or wide, $10 base price, $11 shipped within the US, $12 shipped outside the US
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