Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

An introductory post along with a small want for a friend...

Hiya!~ This is my first collection post! :D I have been lurking on this community for a few months now, and buying a bunch of stuff in the process! Thanks to everyone on here for being so friendly!~ 

What could this be?!

Canvas Eevee of course!<3 Her name is Elessyian, and I love her so much! My favorite thing in my collection so far~

Next up is the TCG Oshawott figure from the newest tins. :) I bought the tin just for her. xD I don't collect cards. lol.

This is a Pokemon Center Mudkip lying down plush.. I have no idea what this thing is. But I figured I'd buy it. I like cute things. :3 and pokemon Center things. ;D

Hehe, the art folio!

These are some VHS I got forever ago at the video rental store by house when they were going out of business years ago. :3

Just some games..

Some DVDs..

More games and movies! lol.

Plusle pokedoll! :D SO cute! I love her!~

That's it for now, because I have crappy internet that doesn't want to upload the other 3/4 of my collection. Thanks for looking!!~ I will put the rest in an update post, I suppose.~

As for the want:

Anything Yanmega. I really something Yanmega ASAP. this weekend is the tour, and I finally get to see my friend who loves Yanmega SO much, and I just now have the money to pay for it. So if anyone has ANYTHING Yanmega, please let me know! I can pay right away! (I will need it shipped priority so I can get it by Saturday..) Thanks so much!~
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