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Grapevine Mills BW Tour Pics And Collection Update


(Notice: A lot of "Tsutarja" mentions here. Sorry for those who are already adapted to the Snivy name, but the japanese name has just stuck to me XD; )

First, to everyone I met there, it was a pleasure to see you all. I had a good time overall, despite some minor quirks that popped up. It was great to see a Pokemon movie in theaters again for the first time since I saw the 3rd movie in theaters 10 years ago. Seeing all the faces from this community was also a plus and, despite fears from all of us that the merchandise would sell out at the pokemon center kiosk, we ended up getting what we wanted in the end. Me and my friend furikuriking (Whom should be making an introduction post shortly after this post) hung with toukoxn and her fiance through the majority of our time there, and it was really nice to socialize with them. The only downside to all of this is mainly personal, as one of my friends decided he wanted to leave early since there was "nothing to do". Considering my group of friends opt'd to go in his vehicle, we had no choice but to comply, which was a pretty big downer for me and my friend Steven and his girlfriend since they waited about 30 minutes in the prize wheel line and were only a quarter of a way to the end. I also wanted more time to socialize with the rest of the members there. Still, though, I hope we can all get another opportunity to meet again someday.

Huh? Oh that's right, pics! Unfortunatly, my phone conked out, and it was only until the last moment that I realized I could use my DSi ^ ^; . Despite that, here's what I got:


I really do personally hope that Nintendo is secretly testing the waters for more retail Pokemon stores across the country, because if they are, the long 2+ hour wait times to get merchandise should be a clear testament to them that they SHOULD.


flag 's Tranquil plush and the Zekrom 12 inch. It was really a treat seeing all the unique plushes and costumes everyone in the group was bringing.


technicolorcage with Touko's Talking Tsutarja Plush. Since I couldn't recall her post in the meet up post if she said she was going as chansey or blissey, I had trouble figuring it out at first, until I recalled. It was very nice to meet you as well ^ ^

Seeing that Tsutarja plush all day did NOT make it any easier for me to resist wanting to buy it on here soon. I only heard her once or twice considering she was pretty shy of the massive crowds, but when I did... jeez. It may become my next grail XD


And finally, my pic with the big Snivy suit. I tried to get Chiko in the image, but considering I barely made it in time for the image before the trio went on break, it had to be a quick in and out thing.

So out of all of that, what did I get?


I wasn't going to get the 12 inch reshiram at first, but considering I was hearing from all over here that the sheer price on it was an absolute steal compared to it's NORMAL retail value in Japan, I gave in and got the big guy. I also got Miju for my friend's 7 year old daughter, as she's casually into the series and when I asked her which of the three were her favorite from an image I showed, she chose Miju.

So after the mall tour was all said and done, there was something I realized about my main collection...


Before all of this, I was mainly collecting Chikorita and Celebi. Chiko I'm just about satisfied with. I don't think I want to collect any more than I already got, unless an opportunity presents itself to get something (such as the custom chiko beanie I bought at the local retro game store here in San Antonio). But I wouldn't pursue it anymore (especially since I got the grail for this collection about a year ago)


Celebi is the next item Ive been trying to focus on, but Ive noticed that Celebi items... aren't necessarily as abundant as Chiko items. Or rather, as easy to obtain around anime cons, local japanese grocery stores, etc. I can find quite a bit of figures, but plushes... I dunno. I see some on here from time to time, but there hasn't been much of a drive to get them.


Then I notice this. After buying my Pokedoll Tsutarja and Tomy figure from the Pokemon Center Kiosk, along with recently buying a spinny from the japanese grocery store here, and having my first Tsutarja plush, with that being my Christmas one shown here (Named Crystal), and ALSO realizing that I got TWO more Tsutarja plushes on the way via my friend whom runs a shop in anime cons, with a Tsutarja SHOTGLASS also on the way from him.... yeah, Im beginning to think that Im already developing a love for this particular grass starter as well. And noticing the posts here, I realize Im not the only one XD


So yeah, I got quite a bit of work to do with my Tsutarja and Celebi collection. Im not sure if my finances will work out on getting more beyond what I got planned right now, especially with the 3DS coming out shortly, but I can't wait to make both collections grow even more.

So that's it on my end. Everyone whom I met at this event, once again, it was great to see you guys. If possible, post your pics you took here (I especially am curious about the group shot we did).

Cya around!

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