"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi Again

So since my old post got delete I have decided to post another.

I am Mikaela, I am 18, I love Pokemon, and am very sarcastic. (But This wan't sarcastic).
I collect Pokemon Canvas, Pokedolls, and basically any kind of plush.
The first doll I ever got was a Charmander Pillow plush at age five.  Hopefully soon I will have my Pokemon Canvas Collection eeveelutions in addition to my only valuable plush Vaporeon Canvas doll (he wants his brothers) and feel more like a real collector. The rest of my dolls are from my childhood or random pieces I managed to obtain here and there. 

I would love to start collecting Pokemon cards if anybody would like to make me an offer, and I have grown quite fond of those "kids" everybody collects; those are pretty cool.

I'm a buyer so feel free to offer me deals on your plush, I like to buy in bulk and love to save :)

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