Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

Ok so I saw some interesting items at the store the other day but...well, the store is known for having a great deal of bootlegs. And so I come to you to check out my haul!

Two puzzles, two notebooks, a pencil, four erasers, and a stamp set.

The Croagunk eraser has a misspelling on it, at least from how Bulbapedia romanized its Korean name (Pitakguri as opposed to Ppittakguri). Likewise, Buizel is "Buijel" instead of "Beuijel". But I know official Japanese merch sometimes messes things up when they write in Roman letters.

The stamp set and both the puzzles have little square Pikachu holographic stickers on them with "Pokémon" written repeatedly in the background as well as larger in the foreground over Pikachu's feet.

They have barcodes and the small text talking about Game Freak, Creatures, Nintendo, et al.

I really wouldn't even ask if it wasn't for the store having gratutious bootlegs all over the place. But they do sell some legit stuff (I think all their Sanrio stuff is legit, for instance), so I'm just covering my bases.

Also on an unrelated note, I'm looking to buy or trade for an English copy of Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 or Golden Boys. Anybody have those?

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