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Shipping Concern

Heya, folks!
I have a question.. I am looking to purchase some Pokemon plush within the next couple of days. My concern is that these plush would be coming from Japan. Given the current disaster that Japan has been dealing with, does anyone know the state of their postal service? Is it on hold? Or delayed in any significant fashion?
Please note my lil' disclaimer about this question; I tried to phrase my question as gently as possible given everything going on. I am, in no intentional way, trying to downplay what the Japanese people are suffering through.

Also, I was recently at Epcot! I was not yet able to buy anything but I did skim their plush section. Do their Gen 5 plush run smaller then the original PokeCen plush? Snivy seemed itty bitty and so did Emonga. I didnt have any plush with me to compare, at the time, but even holding them they felt lighter and smaller. It's possible that they really are that small and I am dimmensionally challenged.. XD Any info on this is greatly appreciated!

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