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My first introduction!

Hey everyone!
My name is Merm, or Mermade, or Punkspacewafers-- Whatever you want to call me is a-okay.
I'm a complete newbie at Pokemon collecting, and although I've been absolutely obsessed with Pokemon ever since it came out, I never really had a theme to my collections.

I'm extremely nervous about breaking any rules or making a bad first impression, so if there's something that bothers you of it I'm doing something wrong, please let me know so that I can fix it!

I'm excited to do some serious Pokemon shopping, interacting, and obsessing here.

So here I am, starting up my brand new collections! I'll be mostly looking for Oshawott and Reuniclus, which is going to be difficult for me considering that there's TONS of Oshawotts and NO Reuniclus items. (Also, I'll be looking for Tepig and Snivy items, but not as obsessively. Maybe Cranidos too!)

Here's my current collection of random Pokemon stuff though, it's really scattered and probably not very valuable but I love it nonetheless.

My bootlegs, of course!

Assorted figurines and whatnot

Battle figures!

Don't really know where this one came from, but it amuses me nonetheless.

Cereal box spinners!

Assorted Keychains

Plushies! Vaporeon and Raichu handmade by me, and the Tepig and Oshawott are my faves <3

A polly pocket style Pokemon game

Half of my book collection

I also have a binder of cards and some other items but I couldn't be bothered to go take photos of them lol. I also have some other stuff on the way here, and I'll probably just add the photos to this entry if people are interested in the start of my new collection!

I'm hoping to sell some of the Pokemon stuff  I make once I get enough feedback/permission, etc, but if you're interested in seeing some of my previous projects, go to punkspacewafers.deviantart.com
I didn't want to clog up this post with my other creations so there's your link! :)

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