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Want list, 1:1 snivy, and plush commissions :)

EDIT: sorry guys! D: i have no clue why the cut shows up so much!

Hi guys! :) i just thought that i'd show everyone my 1:1 snivy that i made a few of days ago and also show the very small group pic that we got at the mall tour. XD The pics of snivy and the small group pic are under the cut, but the group pic is pretty small since we got it before the tour officially opened haha. My wants list is at th bottom of the post as well. ^^ And lastly If anyone is interested in a 1:1 snivy, or a plush commission let me know! I am also open for trades for custom plush ;) i'd even make a 1:1 snivy.
  Alright so here is the tiny group pic XD i look pretty bad due to getting 2 hours of sleep in the hotel the night before lol

And here are the pics of snivy. :) this is the side view of him standing straight up.

And then here's a pic of him slanted a bit so you can see his frown XD he also had embroidered nostrils. 

Then lastly heres a pic of his back :) and also if I make another the stripe will be completely straight and go onto the tail! I rushed on him since i had 2 days and half of one was a car ride haha ^^;

Alright well i hope that everyone had fun on the tour! I really liked meeting you all, and also if anyone would be interested in coming to a meet in Chattanooga TN sometime let me know please :)

  Here's my want list for now:

1. 1:1 pokecen emonga
2. snivy pokedoll pen
3 .oshawott pokedoll pen
4. 1:1 snivy poecen plush
5. 1:1 pokecen oshawott plush
6. any snivy figures or plush other than the tomy figure, small pokecen plush, and pokedoll
7. any oshawott plush and figures other than the tomy figure, small pokecen plush, tomy plush, and pokedoll
8. snivy paper hat from the tour
9. oshawott paper hat from the tour
10. phone charm from the tour
11. blitzle pokedoll
12. zoroark tomy plush
13. quilava items
14. zoroark sparkly kid
15. zoroark clipping figure

There are some other things that i am looking for so if you have something you think i might need then feel free to ask me about it! ^^ thanks for reading!

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