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Collection Updates with Videos!

Hey guys I made some new collection videos for my Black and White collections! Also did a video to showcase my Usakochan custom plushies!




My newest updates! The Audino/Tabunne Pokemon Center plush, and the Audino and Deerling kids figures!

I really like these guys, so happy I finally snagged them :) Yay for ebay gift cards.

Okay next are my videos ^^; Forgive me I always tend to seem like I have a cold in these things. But I hope you enjoy :D

And my custom plush video:

ALSO: I wanted to mention to all my customers waiting on packages I am ALMOST finished packing. This sales post had a lot of super large items that I had to find boxes for which required some extra time. I am tryiing my HARDEST to get everything out this week. I may have to split up the orders though, have some out this week the others out next. EVERYTHING is going out next week at the latest.

I just wanted to put that out there, thanks for being patient with me, and my driving issues :)
Tags: audino, collection, custom, deerling, garchomp, lampent, plush, pokecen, reshiram, serperior, snivy, umbreon
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