SilverRaichu (silvertorage) wrote in pkmncollectors,

UPDATES- new raichu/pokemon & some wants

Hey there pkmncollectors
Its been too long since I've made a collection post to this community
Tons of new people have joined since I last posted XD
The reason is I havent collected any new Raichus or Tomys in a long time, or even made a sales post so I've just become a lurker.
I got some new stuff so i'm going to share plus I have stuff that I want too.

Heres my Raichu collection:

I apologize for the bad photo, I took this with my phone, my laptop doesnt have a slot for the memory stick and my computer isnt working right. I got a flashy new book case for my raichus, so I wanted to see how my raichus would look on there, and what do  ya know? they came out perfect :D

and heres my new raichu item thats soon coming to my collection:
Its the german raichu I got from Ebay Germany. I gave up the last one I had, so I got lucky and now I get to have another once again, plus this one is the same size as the last one I had too. Its the first new Raichu to join my collection in quite a long time.

I also got some new pokemon @ the Garden State Plaza Pokemon Black & White tour

I got an Oshwatt Pokemon Center plush, I would much rather have the Pokedoll though.
and also a Zorua Pokedoll. The pikachu is old. But he looked cute into the picture with Riki too.

and last, just something Im after right now, its only one of a few things on my wish list only because I cant afford to go for whats its going for right now
yes, a SHINY RAIKOU, I'd LOVE to have one of these, I just cant afford to pay $500 for the ones on Ebay right now. So maybe someday in the future.
Thats is my post for tonight :)

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