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Introduction post * Q*

 Hey guys : D I've been delaying my introduction post because my collection isn't that big yet LOL, but since a package came today, I guess it would be nice to do it now = w =)b.


This guy is "Exe".
He's suppose to be the pokemon-version of my OC \ w /, who's on my userpic right now. 
A family picture = v =.... missing a few people, but that's okay. I love these guys the best * Q* 
Pichu and Latios were given by minjei as a...........present...was it christmas??

Pichu's name is "Donut", though I'm pretty his name changes everytime I decide to give him a name LOL...
And Latios' name is "Yuu"... who is also my Pokemon gijinka character * Q* ... I wish I had a shiny Umbreon Pokedoll so that he could be together with his trainer hehehe...
More Exe!!!
Yuu gets easily jealous; please ignore him!
 I was already told by my bro minjei that canvas plushies are small... BUT STILL, I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD BE THAT TINY. When I savagely ripped opened the package, I was so surprised in both ways of good and bad. MORE GOOD THAN BAD...BUT STILLLLLL... if they make big sizes of canvas plushies omg... I'd buy them right away...


You can call me either Curry or Kurri, if you feel weird calling me by the name of something delicious. I never thought I'd start collecting Pokedolls/plushies, but I totally don't regret it, because it's actually [info]minjei's fault.

My grail item would be that really big Takaratomy Latios plushie * Q* ... I love how its wings are poseable, and I hope I can find it and afford it one day!!! +____+
Hopefully, my collection grows; it's so pitiful compared to everyone ; WWW ;...  but, it's going to be fun making my collection into a monster-amount. I wanna collect more Latios stuff in the future \ w\ pokedolls especially too~
Thanks for reading LOL.
Sorry my introduction is so boring ehehehe = w = 
I hope I can contribute to the community by making moar awesome and moar colourful posts soon LOL \ v / ♥♥♥♥
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