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Wants and a less boring topic!

First off, I will deal with the want part of this post.  My boyfriend has recently taken a strong liking to Zorua now that he has one in his White version game, and is interested in starting a collection! We already have a Pokedoll on the way, but that just isn't enough!  (I'm sure most of you understand that feeling)  So please, let me know if you have any Zorua merch you wouldn't mind selling!

In particular I am looking for a Zorua and Zoroark zukan.  The clear version if possible, but I have no idea how rare these are, so this may be a foolish request.

Can haz your Zorua?

Onto less boring stuff!
I have come across a problem ALL collectors have to face... How should I display my collection?
Well, I will show you how I currently display my Raichu collection, but I would also like to see the various ways other people display theirs!
Show me how you display your collection!


This is currently how I display my collection. Around my TV! Aaaand over my snakes. They guard them from small children... >.>
So this collection display is all well and good with me, but I just have one problem...

Where do I put my random plush? D: I have nowhere to put them as of yet, and my boyfriend is about to move in my room with me, so they REALLY need a place to be! Any ideas?

Oh, you are interested on what they are standing on you say? Well let me tell you! It's a GameStop Promo poser for White Version! I went in way before the release date and was talking about how much I loooove pokemon as I bought a used copy of Pokemon Trozie, and the people working there were extremely nice and gave it to me for free! Check it out! :0

It's totally going on my wall as soon as I get some wall hanging stuff!

And now that I've shown how I display my collection, wanna show me how you display yours? And if you have any nifty ideas, please share them!

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