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Sparkfox and Sales

So a couple of rather awesome packages arrived this week...

By far this week has been absolutely awesome for random packages showing up on my doorstep. I'd just like to thank the following users for their sales: Peeche00, Blackfruitbat, Espeon_Lover.

I've always adored Jolteon and awhile ago I did sell off my tiiiiiiny little collection to make space (and funds) for my whales. Yet now that I have a tiny area of shelf available from some of my sales I decided that maybe good old sparkyfox needed to come back into my collection.

Granted the pile now consists of FOUR items (so TINY) but so very mighty. The velboa version of Jolteon showed up first, and I couldn't get over how PHAT he is. Yet then came the japanese pokedoll of WOW.

Needless to say he's become so hardcore loved in my house. NOT that my other little guy isn't super adorable (and phat) but minky is just so stupid soft...

As you can see here...the boys are quite different. Even a different color of yellow. I couldn't believe it-- I didn't expect such differences between them o.o which makes me wonder. If I can get the other versions of sparkyfox...will they be different too? WHOOOOOO. Just like my little phat kyogre whalez.

Anyway, I've named the japanese sparkyfox Bumblebee (because I'm a Transformers NERD). Help me name his phat (but adorable) friend? :D


I am currently on the hunt to purchase more sparkyfoxes o.o  (Thou I am currently paying by echeck if that's an issue...)

Specifically the tin that came out in '09 and the minicot figure (though other versions of the pokedoll would be great...) or figures, or cards or FFFFFFF SPARKYFOXES.

On another note, my sales have been updated!


I've ordered some bubblemailers (and have some that I'm reusing) and plan to ship out this weekend come Friday or Saturday at the latest. :D So come check it out! Feel free to offer on the items-- I could use the shelf space (...oh and I'd totally trade for sparkyfoxes FFFFFfffffff) 

Thanks guys!
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