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It's My Anniversary!

 My collecting anniversary, that is.  My first post was a year ago to the date!  I've come a long way since then, collection-wise.  Come and see my new gets!

Let's start with the non-Mudkip stuff first, shall we?

Sir Spooky!  I never thought I'd buy anything Arceus, but spooky plate is just so awesome. :O

Whiscash!  He's a cool bro.  pannsie made me want one, I blame her. :U  Also: His blue whiskers aren't the same length.  They're off by like, an inch. xD  Does anyone else's fishy have this problem?

Time for teh Kips!

Suction cup Kip!  Heartland makes some of the cutest plush. <3

Puppet, also from Heartland.  Such a derper. <3

Bowling pin!  Although, who'd want to hit this little guy.... ?  FLAT ARMS YES.

OH GAWD, CUTEST EVER.  Do you see that ice cream?!  FFFFFF.  He's so well made, I can't even.

My sweet little needle felt custom by [info]akeyma.  He has some not-standing-on-his-head issues, but he's a cute little derper nonetheless. :D

From left to right:
The last clear kid I need! <3
Sweet little snowmanKip keychain.
Clear Tomy keychain.  Btw, does anyone have a clear Mudkip Tomy?  I need it in my grasp. 8)
Random little guy, so cute.  Selling a duplicate in my sales below!
Two booties.  So precious.  Seriously, look at those faces!
The sweetest roller ever.  Look at that determination!

I don't have a whole collection picture at the moment, as I desperately need to rearrange again.  You'll get some next time!

And lastly, I'm in need of some dough.  I'm selling and auctioning some cool stuff, including my 1:1 Dittochu.  I don't have a fancy banner, but please check out my sales!  Help me fund my Kip collecting!

I'll be answering all sales inquiries in the morning, because sleep is somewhat important.
Thank you for looking, lovelies!  And thank you for a wonderful year of collecting!
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