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I figured I've faded into obscurity enough to merit a re-introduction post! Also I cut down and rearranged my collection so this isn't completely superfluous!

I'm catbrooks, I'm a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Animation. My life is pretty hectic right now as I work on my senior film so I haven't been into collecting Pokemon too much this year. I did start a Reuniclus collection in 2010 not too long after he was revealed, and that's going as well as can be expected this early in the B/W merch season! Other than Reuniclus, I collect the Magnemite line, and some other guys I really like. Infernape, the Electabuzz family, and especially Ludicolo!

I used to have two shelves of stuff, but I cut down on quantity in favor of COLOR COORDINATION!

Close-up tiiime

My bro, Infernape, boss of everything. With assorted friends of similar color persuasion.

BBZZZTTT Electric tiger yetis! Electivire is so cool. Electabuzz bell plush! I am so helpful in describing these things.

Ludicolo and Reuniclus! And smaller cell babies. So many customs here; the official Reuniclus merch is the Retsuden, the kid beside it, and the white magnet... and the kid box up top. I also have a playing card with Reuniclus (Jack of diamonds!) and the Solosis family TCG. Pokedoll tag by moguryuu, bell plush by flag, patch by usako_chan, plush by , sculpture by foureyedalien, jewelry set by... aah, shit I can't remember your username! D:, and the sculpture on the right is by theunknownsoul.

And the magnets, with their magnet-y friends Nosepass and Metagross.

Other than these guys, I'm looking forward to the My Pokemon Collection plush of Dweeble, Elgyem, Bisharp, and of course Duosion!

So that's pretty much it! Hi, everyone I don't know!
Tags: chimchar, collection, duosion, electabuzz, electivire, elekid, infernape, ludicolo, magnemite, magneton, magnezone, metagross, nosepass, probopass, reuniclus, solosis

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