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I figured I've faded into obscurity enough to merit a re-introduction post! Also I cut down and rearranged my collection so this isn't completely superfluous!

I'm catbrooks, I'm a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Animation. My life is pretty hectic right now as I work on my senior film so I haven't been into collecting Pokemon too much this year. I did start a Reuniclus collection in 2010 not too long after he was revealed, and that's going as well as can be expected this early in the B/W merch season! Other than Reuniclus, I collect the Magnemite line, and some other guys I really like. Infernape, the Electabuzz family, and especially Ludicolo!

Poké-Rainbow all the way across the sky!Collapse )

Other than these guys, I'm looking forward to the My Pokemon Collection plush of Dweeble, Elgyem, Bisharp, and of course Duosion!

So that's pretty much it! Hi, everyone I don't know!
Tags: chimchar, collection, duosion, electabuzz, electivire, elekid, infernape, ludicolo, magnemite, magneton, magnezone, metagross, nosepass, probopass, reuniclus, solosis
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