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Protecting PayPal Accounts and More

As there has been a recent upstart of PayPal accounts being hacked, I thought that maybe we could start a discussion on protecting our PayPal accounts and just... protecting the overall security of the community both financially and personally.

Some thoughts on the whys and wherefores...Collapse )

On a social networking site like LiveJournal which has gotten compromised in the past and with all the communities around (like this one) where PayPal and personal information flows fairly readily (email addresses, zipcodes, sometimes addresses and names, etc), the risk of being hacked is increased as PayPal uses email addresses for its method of log-in.

So how to help prevent such a thing from happening?

Preventing it from happening in the first place...Collapse )

Of course, preventing the problem is partially dependant on how the hacking occurred in the first place. In this case, besides the obvious (like not posting your PayPal information and password together), a good measure of prevention involves simply closing off as many loopholes as possible.

But how many loopholes can you close without making things overly complicated?

Is it worth it to even attempt to close some of these loopholes?

In a community like this one, what can be done to increase security? Make sure that all posts that require disclosure of personal information (including PayPal-related information) be community-locked?

Back to the question on whether or not it is worth it to try and keep everything as secure as possible, below are some potential ramifications of having one's PayPal account (or even just a primary email address) hacked.

Consequences of a hacked PayPal account...Collapse )

If an account has already been compromised, there are a few actions I sincerely recommend taking:

Dealing with a hacked PayPal account...Collapse )

To those of you who have had their accounts hacked, I'm really really sorry to hear about it and I hope the situation gets resolved soon with as few problems as possible!
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