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collection update, yeaaaaaahhh~

Sooooo I've gotten a lot of items in the mail this year so far and have hardly posted any pictures. So I decided to share some of what I have received!

Oh, and with some new gets, I also have an "old" get! So check out the cut to see all my goodies~

(warning, there are a lot of terrible quality pics and they are kinda big!)

First, I will start with something completely different!

My tiny Snivy collection!!! I've decided Snivy is just too cute... so I'm starting a very mini side collection. This is all I have so far! Pitifully small isn't it? Well I actually have the pokedoll pen, but I did not find it as cute as I thought I would so I'm going to be trading it to wishuponjirachi for some customs instead ;D !

Best part of the Snivy plush:

THE LITTLE OPENED MOUTH. SO CUTE <3 thanks to ewokie for helping me get start my new Snivy collection with this plush~

Now for what you're all expecting from me... new Marill items!

To start with, here's a Pokeball!

But wait... there's more!

He's actually a Marill, not a Pokeball!

I love this thing~ I have a huge Marill pillow, but this reversible one is a bit smaller and awesome! Even though his head and ears are kinda floppy, I still love him! And the tag... I wanna keep the tag on but it's in such a weird place and it's so huge! You think I should keep it on?

He also has a zipper for a butt

looks painful o_o

Now to meet my lop-sided friend, Sideways Sam!

For some reason he's really lop-sided, but I like it. Kinda looks like he's leaning over all smug, like "hey bb wanna hang out~" (kinda like the cool dog that floats around the interwebs?)

I got this sideways guy off eBay. The seller must have hated me, because I kept pestering them with questions. I inquired if this was a 1/1 plush, and they said it was a "jumbo" plush, so I bugged them for pictures of the tush tag so I could see for myself. So they were nice and got some pics. Then I pestered if I could get cheaper shipping to Canada (it was like $26 from the US!) but they said no. Well fair enough, I tried! They were taking offers on the plush so I offered reaaallly cheap on it. They refused, but I gave them a different offer a few days later for about half the asking price and they gave in. I think they just wanted to make me go away XD

So anyway, here's Sam hanging out with my 1/1 Marill, Mary! (like my kitchen table/computer desk? lol)

They get along well enough!

But Mary is not impressed by Sam's strange claims of being a hat.

Now I got so much stuff, I just kinda grouped it all together in pictures rather than putting pics of every individual item. If I did that, I'd be here all day and night!

So to start, here's all the recent Marill flats I got!

Some TCG, some postcards, a notepad, stickers, PokeRom... and what's this?

It's a super cute Marill sprite by bladespark! I love it! ;A;

Mighty beans of the Marill line, and a creepy Azumarill. I think I got it from a GA, so I didn't realize it had no nose until after the fact XD oh well, it's funny!

Some randoms. Marill in case thingers, a wap I think they're called?, and a cute clip! The clip's nose was wore off a bit, and was white, but I took a fine tip marker and coloured it in. Looks good enough to me!!!

I casually collect Azurill/Azumarill since they're blue like Marill! So here's some Azurill figures. Both are Jakks I believe? One is just super tiny but they are the exact same pose omg so cute

Marill diorama! Got it off US ebay (with the help of ewokie who I pretty well owe my life to because she helps me so much!), and then got the Pikachu from the community (aburamechan I believe? super fast shipper, so awesome!). I got the Pikachu because it goes side by side with the Marill. So cute *o*

Well maybe not thousands, but quite a few! Most of these are off Y!J

Some more randoms. The first is a Marill McDonalds toy I guess. I bought an auction of random stuff on Y!J for $35 just so I could get it @_@ it's kinda marked up, but I'm sure I could get it off if I wasn't so lazy. Then a Marill on ball! I didn't realize until I got it that it's a stamp roller! Then there's a cute pink Marill sticker thing (show you in a sec) and a battle eraser thing. I have no idea why it's called a battle eraser, but I got it from a GA a while back and it has a Marill on it so I had to have it!

Sooo the pink thing unrolls like a measuring tape I guess, but it has Marill stickers! d'awwwww~

Plush time! First is a super cute Marill backpack! Then a Marill banpresto, a SUPER CUTE Azurill, Marill tomy, kinda beat up Marill (forget the brand, and I'm trying to buy one in better shape), a Marill finger puppet and a Marill magnet plush!

Excuse the bad picture, but LOOK AT THESE! The talking Marill I already have, but the Japanese packaging is so cute I think I'll keep it @w@ but the best thing is the towel holder...

LOOK AT THIS. OH MY LORD IT'S CUTE. I've seen the towel holder before, but never with the towel!!! It had never been opened, the towel is propped up with cardboard or something wrapped inside it so I don't dare take it out because it looks so nice. I had to pull the tab on the Marill's voice box to activate it even. So wonderful~ can't figure out how to get it to talk besides shaking it and it'll talk at random >.> if anyone knows exactly how, please let me know!
I got this towel holder off SMJ. I think someone was trying to use SMJ to outbid me, and if it was someone from the community, I apologize, but I'm a crazy Marill fanatic and I had to win ^^;

Now for a really random get:

A "yo-yo plush" Marill! Never seen one before, and I spotted it on Y!J and had to have it! It's the weirdest plush I've ever seen. The outside is loose and floppy, and it feels like there is a rubber ball inside it instead of stuffing. The tail is hard and has a bell inside. The string on top of it's head is bouncy, and there's a plastic hoop at the tip. I think the idea is to bounce the Marill around, kinda like a yo-yo? I took a video to try and demonstrate what I mean. (I have no idea how to post videos in a post, so if anyone knows and could help me I'd love you forever~)

I forgot to mention I decided to name my yo-yo friend "Yo Yo Gabba Marill" omg I am lame

And now for my "old" get!

SOCKS! "Marrill" socks, even! I forgot I had these. They were in my sock drawer, buried beneath my regular socks. (I also have a single Pikachu sock of the same style, but the other one is missing xD) I've had these since I was, what, 13? And I'm 22 now XD I used to wear them like crazy. They still fit (my feet are small OTL) but sadly, I wore them so much that...

... they have holes in the bottom! OTL If I would have known I was going to have a Marill collection someday, I wouldn't have worn them so much xD but they are still fine in the front, and I love them so much <3 I can't believe I forgot I had them! I also have an old Marill glue stick (yes, GLUE STICK!) kicking around that would be so great to add to my collection, but I can't find it ;o; I was only able to find the Larpas and Pikachu one that came with it, but I'll find it soon! It will be another epic "old" get once I do!

EDIT This came in the mail as I was about to post this XD

Marill sticker... guide thing!

It's so cute! Got it off eBay. At first, the seller sent me the wrong one (a Pikachu one), and I contacted them. They were very nice and sent me the Marill one, no shipping charge, and let me keep the Pikachu one as well! So awesome! is it just me or does Marill's eyes look kinda lifeless and creepy like a zombie on these stickers? I STILL LOVE YOU MARILL

ANYWAY that was a really long post. If you made it all the way through you're amazing, and thanks for looking~ if you have any Marill items for sale you think I might like, send me a message or comment ;D I'm always looking for new stuff!

And I'm expecting a million more things in the mail including some cute customs (a charm of the walky Marill in my icon, for example), so expect another post in a months time (I'm slow ok ;-;)

Also, participants of this group buy:

I still haven't received them in the mail yet... but I assume they should be here soon. Just wanted to keep you all updated! :3
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