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Sort of a collection update

Only two of these items are actually new, the rest I've just "rediscovered" in my house... hence the "sort of a collection update". :P

(I apologize if the pictures are really blurry, I can stop posting pictures if it's somehow against the rules... I just don't happen to have a camera, only a laptop.)

Plushies! I call the Pikachu Playland, 'cos that's the amusement park where I won him... I'm surprised my dog hasn't chewed him up, actually! And very happy about that! x3;
The Togekiss is new from Target, a Jakks-- and also the cutest, SOFTEST little thing EVER! I didn't even LIKE Togekiss before, man! 

My game collection, of sorts... there's Pokemon Black (SO BEAST, I'm at the fifth gym and this is THE BEST GAME EVER!), the case for Platinum (the actual game is MIA) covered by two Sapphires (one ought to be a Ruby ;^;) and four Generation One POKEMON COINS (I LOVE these so much, they are so shiny and pretty and pleasingly dense... I dunno!), Soulsilver (Pokewalker also MIA), the first Pokemon Ranger, the case for Mystery Dungeon Blue (lent to a neighbor who never gives games back XP), Pokemon Stadium 2 (OH HOW I WISH YOU STILL WORKED!), and Pokemon Coliseum!

Random electronic-y doodads. The two VCRs, I shall be watching soon-- The First Movie (Mewtwooo~) and Sisters of Cerulean City. Plus the actual V-Trainer player... now if only I could find my trainer chips!

And some Let's Find Pokemon! The third edition and the first (which I did NOT know I had doubles of, eep~).
I feel like these might actually be sort of rare (they're certainly OLD, anyway)... someone wanna help me with that? :D 

And so this post isn't completely self-indulgent... what Pokemon books do YOU have (or want)? What Poke items have you won from games or UFO machines? And, most importantly of all, do you have (or love) Pokemon coins too? < 33


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