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collection update with mini grail :))))))))

 Hi everyone!

After school we picked the mystery package up from the post office. Seriously i had no idea what arrived....... But when i took a closer look i realized that omg.... It arrived so fast.

Jolt: i wonder who arrived??
Raikou: i have no idea....

Jolt: come on Skye something interesting arrived 
Skye: got it :)))))

Jolt: this is heavy....
Raikou: i know. just push!

Jolt: so what do you think??
Skye: no idea.... but let's open it up so we can see:))))

Shaymin: finally air :)))) thanks for lending me a hand:)))))))
Skye: ur welcome :3 who are you btw??
Me : he is a shaking shaymin alias squirmin :)))

he is a real cute, and soo soft! i love him soo much! i've been after him for like half a year, and finally i found one :))))  so my mini grail is finally mine :)))))))))
and now prepare for image heavy :)))))))

i just never thought i would but i just love this little guy really much so why not XDXD a pic of me and dancemin :))))) (i still haven't come up with a name for him so any ideas are welcome :))))))
if still not enough squirmin then here's a video of a shaymin dance by me :))))))
i'd like to show you guys a little shaymin collection evolution :)))))))
so let's start in 2010 may
, i got my first shaymin plushie also this was the first plushie what i ordered from ebay :))))

his name is Beck :)))
i got the giant booty lottomin for my 18th birthday from my mom :))))) i was soo counting the days of his approximate arrivance. but he was late..... i went on vacation on june 15th and he arrived on the 16!!!!!!! arghhh... i was sooo upset that i had to wait till august (i returned home then) but in the summer my bro won me another giant shaymin XD but land forme this time :)))))
when i got home i was soo happy to see my giant lottomin :))))))
jump to november when i got skymin pokedoll Nayo :)))))
yet again another jump to today's shaymin collection :))))
well it grown a lot since 2010 may :))))) but i don't think it will stop growing, but i never know :)))))))
and finally some random gets:)))
houndoom pin from [info]evil_leprachaun
lugia and flygon kid and the pin from [info]nagaineko . i just love this pin :))))))) also my friends could hardly read it XDXD funny XDXD
and for last lines: please those sellers who have not left me feedback yet please do :)))))))))))
i'd really appreciate that :)))))))))))))

thanks for reading :)))))) 

Tags: flygon, houndoom, jolteon, lugia, raikou, shaymin

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