dragonheir148 (dragonheir148) wrote in pkmncollectors,

re-intro-ish thing! (with a videooo)

Well, just to jump on the mini bandwagon here, I'm going to do a re-introduction!
Sorry if the audio doesn't work, hopefully it will... I'll try to fix it if I can. (:
So... to the text part.
I am Dragonheir148, as you can tell, but feel free to call me Maddie(: I'm more of a beginning collector, as I have a LONG way to go before I have a "large" collection.  I still enjoy the thrill of going through the checkout with a new plush, or seeing a package containing the kid I ordered online come in the mail.  Collecting to me is a hobby, and something that I can do and feel like myself doing.  It comforts me when I'm upset, especially when I can go grab one of my Pokedolls and hug them until I feel better[: I mostly have items that were gifts or items that I have from when I was younger.  I only really have one item from Japan (I'm a sad collector) but I hope to order more.  My biggest collection is probably my miscellaneous collection, since I only have two specific Pokemon collections.
One of them is Shaymin (Both formes) and it started with the Pokedoll that I got in Epcot over the summer.  It then grew into a collection since I now have a keychain, tattoos that I will never use, a kid and its box, and of course the Pokedoll.  I hope to get more in the future. :'D
I also have random Manaphy items that I've had since I was younger, and I realized I should collect Manaphy because it was my favorite Pokemon for a long time and it reminds me of when I was in about third grade.  (if you wanted to know, third grade was a FANTASTIC year xD)
Well, that's my stupid little reintroduction.  I know not many people really know me, but I hope to talk to more of you in the future.  Thanks for watching and reading(:

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