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Quick sales & playing BW

Hello people,

Just having some quick sales today that includes random things like BW playing cards and such, so maybe come & check it out?

I have a feedback post here just in case: 
  • I hold items for 24 hrs, after that they're back up for sale if I do not hear from you.
  • Haggling is accepted.
  • Trading is accepted (but I won't accept all trades).
  • I accept Paypal normally, but I can accept e-checks, or money orders(at your own risk) as well.
  • Please state what you have purchased from me along with your LJ name. That will help me alot! :D
  • I ship to the U.S., and I will also ship internationally.
  • I normally ship items on Saturdays(or earlier), but I may be late with shipping out things(due to family matters or other issues).
BW Playing Cards:

All cards pictured below are $0.75 each:

SOLD: Tepig, Deerling (Winter & Fall Forms), Zorua, Sawsbuck, Zoroark, Mijumaru

SOLD: Scraggy, Dewott, Sawsbuck, Scrafty, Deerling

SOLD: Serperior, Darmanitan, Sawsbuck, Krookodile, Servine, Krokorok, Sandile, Deerling, Snivy, Haxorus, Reuniclus

SOLD: Sawsbuck

Figures & Other Miscellaneous Stuff:

Figure & Sticker Lot: $7.00
(I can also separate stuff in the lot, but I prefer it all to go at the same time)

Jakk's Pachirisu plush & loved Hasbro Mudkip plush: $1.00 each

Freebies: Take one with each purchase. :)

Taken: Pokemon Black Game Case, Flareon TFG

Thanks for looking!

Lately, I've just been playing the English Pokemon White Versions (I also have Black Version along side it, but I never opened it yet...). So yeah, that's just been it...


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