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some notices!

Our post with signs of support for Japan from our pokemon was retweeted hundreds of times all over Japanese twitter, starting with Midori Harada who is an artist for the TCG and has drawn all of the pokemon region maps since Hoenn. Our post was also viewed by multiple game freak staff members, including Ken Sugimori.

So basically, you guys rock. And thanks so much for contributing your thoughts and prayers. Japan still has a lot of recuperating to do and is still rather unstable right now, but will recover :)

HOWEVER on that note, the Pokemon Centers Tokyo and Yokohama are officially closed until March 18th, and after that it is unknown if they will open again on the 19th or not. If they do, I will be brave and venture forth to bring back Victini's first plushie and the cool new card sleeves exclusive to PokeCenters and Animate stores if I can!!

I have already sent notices to most people waiting for orders from my store, but this obviously also means I won't be able to ship or pick up anything until next week. I really am sorry for the delay :(

adding some color to my post, check out this amazing new mug i got (with an older but no less cool plastic cup). it's so....beautiful!! how can electric pokemon be this beautiful?!

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