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Wants, Waiting and ...Stuff.

Hey everyone I'm still waiting for more of my new gets to come in before I make a new collection update...

So I thought I'd do a mini want post, the list keep growing thanks to this site xD

Galvantula Clipping (Too school for cool =X)
Pokemon Tour Patches (Mostly Oshawott, but the others too)
Pansage Figures (including kids)
Scraggy Figures/Plushes/Keychains(I LOVE HIM <3)
Feraligatr UFO Plush (Miiiiiight be my grail cause that thing is adorable..)
Blastoise Plush (Pictures needed cause I'm iffy on which one I want)
Heracross Hasbro Plush

and of course also always looking at Squirtle/Totodile/Zubat line items, but I got stuff coming hehe

Also I found a few Poke-items around my house and I'm not too thrilled about and wanted to gauge interest in them to see if anyone might like them.

My legs are achy and I'm lazy so please excuse the google images :P
(If I ever do sell them I'll take some actual pics)

I've got one of these Pikachu World Collections
The cover has some black spots on it/scratches on it but all the cards are in pretty minty condition
The cards are 9 Pikachu's in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

10 different books, these are all well loved and some of them a lil dusty.
the books include
Viz Comics Pokemon Comic
Bye, Bye Butterfree Golden Books
The Offical Pokemon Handbook #3
and the Scholastic Books: Splashdown in Cerulean City, Winner Takes All, Return of the Squirtle Squad, Island of the Giant Pokemon, Mewtwo Strikes Back, Journey to the Orange Islands and Night in the Haunted Tower

once again this isn't a sales post I'm just seeing if anyone likes then or if I should just keep them for my collection ;D
(If this isn't allowed I'll be happy to delete it)

ALSO OMG, as I was writing this I found a slug in my room!!! Disgusting...

Thanks for looking ;) <3
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