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Hai, Returning-Newbie Pokemon Collector here!!!!

 Hiya fellow Pokemon Collectors,

So I joined the community last year, but due to unexpected financial as well as school complications I became inactive. However, now that I have gotten my finances into a some-what manageable state, I am now back in lol. I've started collecting a little bit here and there, most cards because thats one of the easiest products that I have access to, but would REALLY like to get started on a good collection (as opposed to the random few things I happen to have lol)!!
Here is an updated list of all the Pokemon that I want to start collecting: (**bold names have higher priority**)

1.) Flareon************
2.) Dragonite ******
3.) Pidgeot ******
4.) Cubone ****
5.) Raikou *****
6.) Starmie ***
7.) Duskull
8.) Sandshrew
9.) Quilava 
10.) Gyarados
11.) Cyndaquil
12.) Dewgong
13.) Mareep
14.) Flaaffy 
15.) Totodile
16.) Vulpix

Please send me a message or comment if you have any information on these pokemon.

On another note, I'm in the process of organizing all my pokemon items that I will be selling, but that might take some time with working part-time and being a college student full-time. I will be posting the sales as soon as I figure out the pricing and set up a paypal account.

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