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sales reminder and an important question

hi guys! this is a reminder that i stop accepting offers for these amada stickers today (16 Mar, Wed, 8PM PDT).

also, these are some of the new items this week, feel free to take a look in my shop!

(follow larvitar's heavy one-toenailed footsteps into the shop!)

also, i always wanted to ask the community a question that has been on my mind lately - what will you do when a package you ordered never arrives? it is almost a certainty in most cases that sales posts will have a 'zero liability' clause in their rules, but it is often the norm that people send replacements (if possible) or do full or partial refunds for 'missing' packages. personally, i only had one case of a missing parcel from my side, but despite my sales shop having a zero liability clause, i sent a replacement piece since i happened to have one extra. will you do that? if so, does it depend on the value of the item(s) that went missing? and if you wish to enforce the zero liability rule, how do you do that without coming off as mercenary and unhelpful (e.g. "you should have sought insurance if you wanted security")?

the problem is that the most costly a package, the higher the shipping and insurance, and most people don't pay for insurance unless it's truly expensive. so mid-priced packages are the most tricky since they aren't so pricey that they warrant the high insurance cost but are inexpensive enough to dismiss the risk of being lost.

also, as a buyer, how would you go about asking the sender of the 'lost' package about it? if tact and skill isn't employed, you run the risk of indirectly accusing the sender of impropriety, or worse still, sound as if you are demanding for a refund/replacement. what is your best way of asking 'nicely' what can be done about the package?

do comment and share! i'd appreciate all feedback. =D thanks for reading, guys.
Tags: axew, luxio, mamoswine, pachirisu, pikachu, sales, shaymin, zorua

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