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Alright guys! Freshly shipped off of SMJ "Diamond and Pearl Zukan set 6"!

The zukan have been paid for and shipping has been requested! They should be on there way out here soon! I'll let you guys know when they arrive to my house!

I am going to auction these off, yes ALL of these!
That's right everyone single one is up for grabs!
They will each be sold by themselves.

That means you can bid on



Rules of this auction

~This auction will go on till Saturday March 22nd! Ending time will be 12:00am Eastern time.
~I do NOT have these zukan in my hands, I just bought them and I'm waiting for them to be shipped to me. As SOON as I receive
them they will be redirected to their new owners. I will post to keep you guys updated on when they are on there way here and when they are shipped out. They WILL ship out the day after they arrive at my house!
~You must pay when the auction ends. [I can give up to 3 days to pay.]
~If you are top bidder and cannot pay [within the 3 days] I will offer the item to the next highest bidder.
~These zukan are still in the plastic and mint condition.
~Starting prices are by each pokemon under the cut!
~Shipping will be $2.00 to the USA and $3.00 worldwide. If you want delivery confirmation/tracking its $1.00 more. Once I ship items I cannot be responsible for them.
~Zukans will be packaged in bubble mailers and well protected.
~My payment form of choice is PAYPAL! I will gladly accept from a 'middleman' if you don't have paypal. Paypal fee will be added on to the final total.
~If you are going to bid on a zukan and somone else has already bid on it PLEASE reply to the person who has the highest bids comment!
~Lastly free goodies with every purchase! I'll ask you what pokemon you like and see what I have to include with your purchase!


Payment Received! -Dialga  $10.00 High Bidder- crasherwake

Payment Received!Cresellia $10.00 High Bidder- rukarioh

-Manaphy/Phione $8.00 High Bidder-N/A

Payment Received!Rhyhorn/Rhydon $8.00 High Bidder- olesvenson

Payment Received!Rhyperior $8.00 High Bidder- olesvenson

-Yanma/Yanmega $8.00 High Bidder-N/A

Payment Received!Chatot $4.00 High Bidder- invader_julie

Payment Received! Murkrow/Honchkrow $8.00 High Bidder- olesvenson

PAYMENT RECEIVED!-Eggsecute/Exeggutor $5.00 High Bidder- enshogirl

-Sunkern/Sunflora $5.00 High Bidder-N/A

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