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Pokedoll Merch Collection!~

Hey everyone!~

After some exciting items arriving today, I thought it was time for me to post photos of my Pokedoll merchandise collection! ^_^ I've posted photos of my plush before, but have never posted my merch! :D 

First the new items! I've picked up quite a few things from YJ lately, including my first pieces of Pokedoll pottery and clothing! 

I was lucky to stumble across this amazing fleece for a low buy it now price! It's utterly adorable, with Pika-doll on the pocket, ears on the hood, and stripes on the back - I love it! :D

My other unusual find lately was this porcelain pot, with Pokedoll art! Pika is on one side, and two very unusual choices lie on the other sides - it's the first time I've ever seen Pokedoll art for these two pokemon!

Who is on the other side? Find out under the cut, along with photos of the rest of my merch coellction! (Photo heavy post!)
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I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection! Over the next week, I'll be adding photos of everything new on my collection site, Amity Square (you can visit at www.amitysquare.co.uk) - I'm also currently making a special Wiki dedicated to Pokedoll plush and merchandise, including information about releases, rarity and pricing - I hope that it will be useful! If anyone has any questions in the meantime, then I'm always happy to try and answer :D

I'm always on the lookout for new Pokedoll items to add to my collection! If you have any items you're considering parting with, or see any for sale - please PM me, I'm interested! <3

Later this week, I hope to be putting on offers post up with a couple of pokedolls and a very special item - look forward to it!

Happy Collecting everyone!~
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