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GA reminder

Okay, so the crazy GA I was trying to run ended up closing because the seller took the listing down, and I turned the post into a different GA but it was almost to the bottom of the page at that point so I think it got overlooked by most members, and some of the figures like Pichu and Meowth have no bids!

So here is a reminder for my large figure GA. Please check it out! It ends in 11 hours! It's over now and we won, thanks guys ^^

Otherwise, not much to say since I just updated recently with a collection post. Well... I guess I can say that I'm eventually wanting to sell all my sales items as a whole. I'm hoping someone will want to GA it, since there will be a ton of items and we all looooove GAs! :D There's going to be quite a few items in it! I'm waiting for some packages from Y!J since there will be some stuff I'll want to put in with the lot. If you're interested in a preview of some of the items, check out the cut!

so here's some lots I'm expecting in the mail!

I only bought the above lots for the Marill items in them, and there's a bunch of leftovers! I'll be wanting to include them in my huge sale lot in the near future :3 I really hope someone will be interested in GAing my items when the time comes x3

Until next time, keep being awesome fellow pkmn collectors!!!

EDIT omg have you ever woken up to packages in your mailbox like this?

I laughed so hard. Both contained Pokemon goodies of course x3
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