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Sales, store run

I went to the Black/White tour in Indianapolis, it was real good. Saw a couple of people on the site, too. I got the big Reshiram plush, since I like him more than Zekrom. I was asked why I didn't get the other one also, I said because Reshiram is my favorite and I didn't want to spend that much money. I went to play the demo, then I headed out. I went to check my backpack for my phone, and Zekrom was there! It was bought for me.
So I have both.

Anyway I went to Toys R Us today and saw they have a lot of Pokeballs, mostly the Johto ones. If anyone wants any of them, tell me and I can get them. They'll probably be $6 or so.

Remember even though I don't use Paypal, I do good with money orders.

There's also a couple of Cherubis. Normally I'd sell them for $10, but as you can see in picture, they're now $10, so it might have to be even more.

I'm still auctioning this Togekiss too, starts at $10 if anyone wants him.

Also, has anyone seen Slashaddict? Months ago I got a Murkrow, and Slashaddict kept saying that the money order would be sent, but it never was. I might have to sell it to someone else, but I sent a PM and never got a reply.
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