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First Sales Post ^__^

Hey Guys, here's my first time sales post, Yes i have sales permission before anybody asks.. i'm not that stupid..
I'm starting out small with a few plush/Figures for sale... and i'm taking offers on a Southern Islands Binder/Card set.

Sales Permission granted on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse

- I Will Not Sell to anybody banned on pkmncollectors
- I will hold items for 24 hours unless agreed upon.
- All requests for items listed need to be posted on the sales post not sent via PM
- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody who i feel uncomfortable dealing with
- For items listed as "Bid/Offer" please respond on the already made comment about the item, and respond to each offer by replying to said offer. Failure to do this will result in bids/offers being discarded.
- Unless specified i reserve the right to end the bidding process and award the item to the highest bidder if new offers stop being made or when i deem it a good time to.
-There's a minimum of $1 purchase required

- I only accept Paypal in USD
- Items will only be shipped once payment clears into my paypal
- Prices listed do not include shipping prices, you'll need to request the total with orders.
- Unless it's requested insurance on items isn't included, normal shipping is provided by default
- You must include you're LJ name and items purchased in the message section in Paypal payments.

- I ship from the UK & will send items internationally
- I try to go to the Post Office after work, depending on the shifts i work.

-I'm open to trading for items on my Wants list as long as i either know of you and trust you, or if you can provide the proof of 10 Feedbacks. Items traded need to be sent & despatched to me first, as soon as this is confirmed i'll send my item.

Auction Rules and further notices
- Bids/Offers are final, and must follow the rule stated in "Conditions"
- NO SNIPING, All bids placed within 5 Minutes of bids/offers ending will not count, as by Community Rules. Extensions will be made based on interest.
-If bids/offers are placed these cannot be deleted. Doing so will result in Negative feedback.
- All bids must be made in at least $1 increments
- I am not liable for items lost in the post, If they are uninsured. i will not be able to replace items since i am not a shop with large stocks.

**NOTICE** Due to it being my birthday on monday and my partner taking me away for the week, items purchased will be shipped the following Week starting 03/28/2011, if anybody has problems with this let me know before committing to a purchase!!

Offer rules stated in my terms apply.

Wizards Southern Islands TCG Collection:
Includes Southern Islands Binder & the full set of cards, which is 18/18 cards with 6 Reverse Holo cards. This item will not be split up, i would prefer for them to be sold as a set. Offers will start at $20

The Binder is in excellent condition, it's never been used to store cards only the Southern Islands collection.

-Binder Front-

-Binder Back-

The Cards: All are in Mint condition, Never been used. Only Mew has a slight crease mark near it's HP text.

- Mew (Reverse Holo) Pigeot & Onix: Sky collection -

-Togepi (Reverse Holo) Ivysaur & Raticate: Riverside Colletion-
-Ledyba (Reverse Holo) Jigglypuff & Butterfree :Fields of Flowers Collection-

-Tentacruel, Marill (Reverse Holo) & Lapras: Sea Collection-

-Exeggutor, Slowking (Reverse Holo) & Wartortle: Beach Collection-
-Likitung, Vileplume (Reverse Holo) & Primape - Jungle Collection-

Offers will end around 03/21/2011 (My birthday), or once interest dies down (If any ^^;) If anybody wants pictures of the individual cards & inside of the folder let me know!

*Straight Sales*
(Feel free to haggle)

Dragonite UFO Banpresto Plush MWT & String - SOLD

Gengar UFO Banpresto Plush MWT & String - SOLD

Togekiss UFO Banpresto Plush MWT & String - $18

Mewtwo Hasbro Plush Slightly loved - $5
Bootie Arceus Plush - $2
(He has no head stripe or little boots… also his gastric band isn't sewn on…)


Articuno & Moltres European Gatcha Figures (Mint) - $8 each

Rayquaza, Latias & Regice European Gatcha figures (Mint)
Regice - $3

SOLD: Rayquaza & Latias

Celebi, Manaphy, Mantike & Mudkip (Clear) Phone Charms
Celebi, Mudkip - $6
Manaphy - $4

Sold: Mantike

European candy figures
Slowking, Elekid - $4
Wobbuffet, Castform -$2

Sold: Hondour & Chikorita

Misc Figures:
Feraligator Kid - $8 (Mint condtion, No marks)
Baseless Charizard TFG - $4
Weezing TFG - $3
Eevee UK Pencil topper - SOLD

*Misc Items*

Black & White Collectors tin preview packs.
Sealed Packs x2 - $2.50
Open Pack - SOLD
(Each pack contains the cards shown)

Pokemon Channel - SOLD

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - $18
(NTSC version will not play on a PAL system without a freeloader)
(I have a free loader but it doesn't work on the new Wii system updates.. so if you've never updated a Wii from 2008-2009 it may work, you can have it included if you want to risk it)

Pokemon Stadium - SOLD
(PAL version, won't play on NTSC consoles)

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - $15

Dragonball Origins - SOLD

Scribblenauts - $10

Thanks for looking ^__^ If people do want to trade here's a quick list of wants

1. Cyndaquil Line Items
2. Hitmonlee/Chan Items (Not Tyogre or Top…)
3. Pokemon Canvas Plush
4. Tsutarja Line Items

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