midnitekitten17 (midnitekitten17) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jakks Series 14 Plush available cheap! Also Wants!

Just thought I'd let people know that are looking for the Jakks series 14 plush (especially Zorua) that Toys R Us' website has them all available for order. They're 6.99 and with shipping come out to roughly 12-14$ shipped depending on where you live :) I bought my happiny today in store but of course that little wolf is elusive so I went ahead and ordered through them. Hope everyone gets what they want! :D

On another note, I have ALOT to update with, I need to borrow a digital camera from my family or a friend, but expect my first collection post to be about quadrupled! >o< It all happened soooo fast, and I'm dragging my friends down with me.

Also if anyone has a Cyndaquil plush with tags still attatched (one with the furry flames, or flames in general, don't particularly like the red spot versions) as well as a Dialga, Gyrados or Magikarp plush, I've got all the new evee jakks figures to barter with.

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