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Okaaaaay, so I don't have sales permission (yet... need feedbacks like woah, girl), but I was curious on the price of some items I have that I might someday plan to send to a home where they will be much more appreciated. xD

So, does anyone know how much any of the following go for?

1. Umbreon Pokedoll (Velboa), all tags in tact
2. Riolu Pokedoll (Minky), tush tag only
3. Large (8") Toy Factory I'm not quite sure what kind of Turtwig this is, tush tag only (looks like this)
4. Mew Pokedoll (Velboa), all tags in tact

And, also, does anyone know how much Jigglypuff pokedolls go for/how rare they are/where to find one? ;_; I want one so bad.

ALSO-ALSO, I have hit a gray area regarding what is and isn't allowed to be posted here --- I'm doing a raffle-esque giveaway on my deviantArt for free pokemon&other pins, and I was thinking to post it here to give you guys the chance to win them. BUT, the thing is that I don't have sales permission and I didn't know if something 100% free would somehow count anyway. So I was wondering thoughts on that? Is that okay to post, or is that something better left unposted? XD

So, basically... Am I allowed to post a giveaway/raffle type dealio that I'm holding if it's 100% free, or is something like that only OKed for those with sales permission?

...I think thats all I had to ask about. xD I apologize for the ten million questions, but thank you to anyone who can answer any of them. ;u;b!
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