::drag0n aura:: (drag0n_aura) wrote in pkmncollectors,
::drag0n aura::

questions!!.. for custom pokedoll makers!.. and others XD

so, i'm really interested in making my own pokedolls
i just have a few questions for the veterans here who have experience with making custom pokedolls

~ where do you get your fabric, and what do your sources call the fabric?

i have a jo ann's nearby and they have fabric which is what i assume is the same as minky fabric, but they call it ultra cuddle fabric
and they never have the colors i need =_=

~ how do you go about making your pokedolls? (personal processes)

~ what kind of stitching patterns/techniques should one know to make a really authentic looking pokedoll?

and lastly..

~ any tips you could give me?

i appreciate any help anybody with experience in making custom pokedolls can give me. ^^
i am really looking forward to at least trying to make customs of my favorite pokemon


on a more "collecting" note
i've seen the plush released at nintendo world of axew, sandile, munna, cinccino, etc..
since the u.s. barely gets ANY merchandise compared to the loads of stuff released in japan.. how good are the chances that we'll get the pokedoll versions of the ones released as pokecen plush?
i really would love axew and cinccino pokedolls >_<

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