"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone ever heard of 1tofree? * warning *

 So I was reviewing my paypal purchases and found that over the last year I had lost 45 dollars to a seller on ebay. I believe his name begins with 1 to free.

It is odd because I used to be kind of bid happy and bid on things that were going for 99 cents. I began to notice that all the packages I ordered weren't showing up, but shrugged it off assuming I had forgotten to pay or lost the bid and didn't remember. It hit me when I was looking at pokedolls on the site. I noticed that I had been expecting my Lucario pokedoll (knockoff most likely) in the mail. I had one him for 3.99. I figured it was a mistake and then investigated.

After reading my paypal purchase history over and over again, I found that all the packages I had been missing were from the same seller and were scattered throughout the year... The crazy thing is in between these missed packages, I had bought and received dolls from him. I now have the theory that when he loses his items to bids of under five dollars, he doesn't send it unless you follow up on him. In the end, he won't respond to me, I'm six dolls short, and out about 45-50 bucks. I also feel incredibly dumb for not noticing I missed the packages...

Among the dolls I lost to this...
and others.

I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem? Or has any advice.

Also I asked for sales permission (and hardly met any of the requirments- but maybe we'll get lucky and I won't have to post my stuff on ebay) Keep your fingers crossed!
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