Catherine (ninjacatherine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for pokedolls!

Hello everyone! My birthday is coming up (woohoo!) so this is my opportunity to finally buy something from this wonderful community, hopefully. :D I'm looking for two pokedolls: giratina (sitting/altered form) and lucario, both of which were sold in Pokemon Centers until the new B&W stock came in.

Here's some pictures of how they look like.

Now, I know that lucario is the japanese minky version but I wouldn't mind the velboa version, as long as I get a beautiful squishy lucario. :) I'm also not picky about their tags, as long as the dolls are not dirty or torn. Payment will be made via my boyfriend's paypal, since I don't have one and this is his gift to me. :D I will, however, be making sure personally that everything goes as smooth as possible, since no one wants a negative feedback here!

I'm also located in eastern Canada for quotes on shipping, etc. Hopefully these won't cost an arm to ship to Canada. D: And final note, my bf is currently at school and will be back in a few hours so please be a little patient with payment.

Thank you! :)

Tags: giratina, lucario, wanted

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