royalballoon (royalballoon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush group auction ahoy!

 The lovely lovedbyahero and I will be hosting a splendid GA for the following lot of plush:

(I will be claiming Torchic for $20 and lovedbyahero will claim Pikachu (Pokedoll) for $25)

  • NO SNIPING. Every bid placed five minutes before the ending period will expand the amount of time for another five minutes. 
  • Please be respectful to other bidders.
  • Reply to the previous bid, not the original thread if you want to increase. 
  • No deleting or extracting bids. 
  • The amount you bid will include other payments. 1. For international fees 2. Japan to US fees and 3. GA host to bidder. 
The auction ends on Saturday, March 19th at 10:00 PM EST. Please wait until all threads are up to bid. 

BID!! :D
Tags: group auction, pachirisu, plush
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