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Finished bead sprites~

This post mainly pertains to graptakular li_kichi  mizu_kanon  hibikitikibi  my_chapstick 

Your commissions are done! :3

I had a ton of fun making them, and was very happy to get some practice! I'm most happy with Chandelure. Although you can't tell by the picture, the middle of it is a clear/translucent purple, and when it is held up to the light it looks AWESOME. It was definitely the most challenging one to make and I was a little worried, but I think it turned out really well. :D

li_kichi  - For Drifloon and Chendelure, I used a couple clear beads to thicken the thinner lines to make sure it didn't snap. Chendelure looks rather dark if he's on a table or wall, so I think having him on a window would look best, to capture the clear center<3

hibikitikibi  - I know you asked for Mienfoo to be be outlined in darker shades of pink and yellow, so I made it that way. But it came out rather difficult to I made a second one, with the typical black outline. Let me know which of the two you prefer. =]

If anyone is interested in a commission or trade, please let me know! I love trades<3
More examples can be seen here.

All packages from my sales, commissions, and BW Art cards are in the process of being packed and shipped, so be on the lookout!
Tags: chandelure, charmander, custom, drifloon, emolga, magmar, mienfoo, oshawott, poliwag, scraggy, snivy, vulpix

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