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Quirky Timeline on New Community Posts?

I sent a support ticket to LJ and I'll take it from there. :) Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and suggestions and sorry for the OTness!

This might be a super odd question (or maybe even a confusing question) to ask so please bear with me. It's been a (long) while since I have touched LJ and so I am not as familiar as I used to be with how it works.

So let's say at 10:00 I see an updated list of new community posts which I will label as A, B, C, D, and E.

Let's say I take a peek at the updated list again at 14:00 and now, the post listing is NEW!, A, B, NEW!, C, D, NEW!, E.

... Wait. HOW are NEW posts appearing behind OLD posts that I had seen way earlier?

So yeah.

Basically, my question is, "Why and how do NEW! posts appear AFTER the old ones do? Shouldn't NEW! posts come before all the OLD! posts that I saw earlier?"

Because of the traffic of this community, I find myself getting confused and having to backtrack 25 or so posts every time I refresh the community's post listing just to make sure I don't miss any NEW! posts that somehow managed to appear AFTER all the older posts. And you know what? I DO find NEW! posts that hadn't been there previously!

What gives?

It's not that big of a deal, but since I'm participating in a few GAs and because I'm watching for certain updates, all of this timeline posting mix-up is making me really concerned that I might end up missing posts that I really need to be on top of because I'm worried that the NEW! post(s) will be like some of the other NEW! posts and be buried behind older posts that I had already viewed and cycled through.

Anyone have any advice or answers? Is this an LJ glitch? Is there a way to prevent it? Does anyone else experience the same issue? I'm viewing the community posts through my friends page which is rather empty for this journal and I experience this issue with both viewing the community through my friends page and through the community itself.

EDIT: The reason I'm asking in this community is because I have a personal LJ/have used a personal LJ and have never had this happen before with new posts appearing behind old posts, etc. I wasn't sure if this is a community-specific issue (general LJ communities) or just... who knows what. Sorry if this is in the wrong place!

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