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Collectiony Update Time!

&I haven't been around the community for a while, because I had to get my finances and other stuff in order.   But things are falling back into place and I've started to get a few things ^^

For those who've not seen me around, I am a female collector, almost 26 years old and Iive in Australia.  My first and favourite collection is Mew, and I have a lot of side collections XD

For now, I'm just going to show off my new gets, as I'm in the process of retaking all my collection photos.

First of all is a little guy I've loved since I saw him on DA.  Aron has no official plush, so I jumped on the opportunity to get him when korth  decided to let him go.  Thanks so much bb <3



Next up is my first Miju Plush.  I did consider making Miju a main collection, but I had a hard time finding a plush (under $50) that I really really liked, so he looks to be a side collection for now. =)


I wasn't a huge fan of the pants lizards at first, but then I saw him in the anime, and fell in love. 

This guy was the second plush I got, and while he hasn't got a name yet, I've taken to calling him "New Pants"...


Because this is "Pants".  He was my first gen 5 plush, and I love him to bits.  I clipped off his tag, so as not to bend it, so it's going to go in a special flats folder ^^


I also picked up the TOMY figure.  I haven't decided whether or not I should open it, so for now, it remains minty fresh ^^


And last but not least, is the last item I picked up before going on hiatus.  1:1 Chikorita.  I had to get one plush of Chikorita, and the 1:1 is the cutest.  It was a hard search, but all worked out!




While I'm here, does anyone have any Zuruggu stuff for sale?  Got any double up charms? Merch that you got but weren't too thrilled with?  Any pants lizards needing a new home?  I have a little extra funds, so let me know what you got, and we might come to an arrangement  =D

Thanks for looking ^^
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