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Just askin around~

Hello everyone!! I've been a lurker for so long and I thought I'd just ask everyone to help me or inform me how I can get several Pokemon Japanese trading cards into my growing collection.

Small intro about my collecting - I collect only Japanese cards particularly the ones that feature my favorite pokemon (like a lot of you here). :)
My favorites are All the Eeveelutions, Houndoom, Manectric, Skuntank, Serperior, Mareep/Flaaffy, Murkrow, Zoroark, and Dratini/Dragonair. I'll share my collection another time XD

Right now, I am DESPERATELY searching for these following cards~ (only 4 cards for now)

T Promos 16 and 17 of Dratini and Dragonair
(No need for Dragonite from that set - I honestly dont care for that pokemon :/)

Flaaffy from the Introduction Neo Totodile Half-Deck


Will's Espeon from the Pokemon VS set
(I CAN NEVER FIND ANYONE SELLING THIS CARD. It's the -ONLY- Espeon I'm missing. The PLAY promo shining Espeon was easier to get for goodness sake XD)

Anyone know where I can get these or anyone selling any of these cards?
Lovin this community...and it feels great to see others with this obsession!

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