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I got trade permission!!! / Wants

So I hit the 10 feedback mark and am finally allowed to trade with all you lovely people. As you know I mainly collect TFG's and other kaiyodos but i've been branching out a bit since I got here. 

(outdated picture of some of my doubles)



I don't have an offical list of my doubles with me (since i'm slaking off at work right now) but I have extras of most of the first serise of TFG's and a few from the third including haunter, tentacruel, rayquaza, tyranitar, suicune (in its package but one of its tails is broke, simple super glue fix though), raikou (a little more broken, figure snapped off base, could probally glue back on decently), seviper, yellow, pinsir, heracross, aron, bayleef, manphy, tropius, tailow, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting. As well I have a few extra Thinkchip+ figures (my new obsession) including blastoise, typhlosion, and pikachu under the big thunderbolt.

I got home from work and took some photos so here thoese are

Notes -

Brendan is warped a little so he leans back a bit much.

Riachu is not glued into his stand, as you can seeo ne of the pegs is broke off but the other is in tact and could hold him up perfectly

suicune is in the package but one of his tails broke, could probally looks fine if it gets super glued back on

raikou is broke from stand, can mostly be fitted to old spot and a dab of glue should make it look alright.

also these:

So in order to make trades I guess I should let you know what I'm out for.


The TFG's I still need are my highest priority. they are Magnemite, Flareon, and Marshtomp.
I also need all of the missing ones too (majority of the second serise or the 5 or so from serise 3 which never turn up) but i'm not gonig to hold my breath that someone here who has them is looking to get rid of them.
-I'm also looking for any crystal of pearl varriants form the first serise.
-and if anyone has any first edition figures from the first serise I can give you the same figure in non-first edition and something else maybe.

Thinkchip+ figures that i need are Charizard, Blaziken, pikachu not under thunderbolt, venusaur, salamance, steelix, tyranitar, dailga, palkia, torterra.

I also have a far neglected voltorb (not electrode) collection.

and I guess some first gen zukans ... but thats pretty low priority.

but make me some offers if you want i'm always looking for cool things.

ohh and i've been selling on ebay so i'm not a completly inexpeianced shipper.
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