zargata (zargata) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Pikachu Pokeball Phone!

 Heya! I've got some questions about a recent Pokemon item I've rediscovered. It's a Pikachu Pokeball Phone! It's malfunctioning and I need to find some replacement parts or send it to someone to fix it. I'm having a hard time locating this item on the web, so I have no clue if it is worth my time and effort to get it working again. It can make calls, and it rings (it's really cute). But the speaker in the phone must be broken because you cannot hear the dial tone, people talking, or the sound when you dial the numbers. Also, for whatever reason, you can't hang up the phone and end calls. It's frustrating. 

So Pokemon experts, can you tell me anything about it? How common it is, and where is a good place to get parts and etc?

Extra Info:
(c) Nintendo 1999, (c) Trendmasters INC 1999, Made in China
(I'll post more pictures if requested)


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