hibikitikibi (hibikitikibi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

in search of info on a makuhita! and wants

so I have been eying this plush purse for awhile now, but I can not seem to find any info anywhere other than pokemon plush project... >: I'm looking for more info or maybe even possibly someone who would sell it? here is the picture.

picture from pokemon plush project
so it says the brand is banpresto but the year is unknown.
anyone know how rare this is / how much it is worth? this is my most wanted item other than the future release of mainfoo's first official item. please help me out, all info is appreciated!

might as well throw in some makuhita wants as well~
makuhita retsuden
pokebell makuhita
and any card of makuhita
Tags: makuhita

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