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Event Card Request and Plushie Question


Writing today for two reasons:

1) does anyone with sales permission have an extra Celebi and Zodiac promo card they would be willing to part with? I've found two ppl that have one, but they couldn't't sell it to me. I was hoping to get one for about $5 or so. I wanted to go to the FL mall event to pick one up, but it is 3 hours away and I can't get a ride.

2) does anyone know if the following pokedolls (or plushies in general) have been released in the US: lillipup, purrloin, and the deerlings? I'm hoping to buy them next weekend if Disney has them. I want to know if I should even hope to see them there. ^^;

This is my first time writing an lj post from my phone. I hope it turns out okay. Oo'


Tags: celebi, deerling, lillipup, plush, purrloin
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