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Birthday Collection Update! GRAIL!

Hey everybody! My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I got some amazing new items! :) Plus, a GRAIL that I've wanted for years!

First off, I got some awesome new beast items...

The Zukan is awesome, and the Clipping figure was one that I wanted but wasn't sure I loved quite as much as the Zukan, but it is GORGEOUS, and just as wonderful as my precious shiny Zukan.

Then, here we have my Lugia Jakks! :) I was searching and searching for this for some time, and was going to trade for one, but my grandparents found it at Toys R Us while picking up my copy of Black. Also, a couple other legendary items that I've been looking for.

Yep, preorder Arceus! Again found at TRU when picking up Black by my grandparents, it was in a box set with platinum: Arceus boosters. By the way, i got a pretty awesome card from said packs! :D (Also, got a Lugia LEGEND in a trade, but don't have a pic. ^^' )

Shiny Shinx! Sorry about the bad pic, my phone hated holo/reverse holo cards. >.> (actually it just hates me) grail, bought for me by my wonderful, amazing friend Alex, aka ShinySandslash online....

LUGIA POKEDOLL! :D I've wanted one for literally years, since I saw a picture on the Pokemon website and Pkmn Center. Finally, Prata the Lugia is mine! Also, my Pokedolls have been moved to the desk to be seen by all. :) Hence the group shot. Hi, Ryan!
And last but certainly not least.....

A Togekiss jakks. :) Very cute and soft and cuddly. And since, while in the car after picking him up, I made him sing Amazing by Bruno Mars, I have named him Bruno. XD Isn't he adorable?

Phew! Well, now that that's over, I'll just really isn't. xD I have ordered a shiny Suicune zukan, Raikou chou, and Zoroark line zukan from AnimeRaro, a Moltres zukan and Dustox zukan piece from juumou (Floaroma Pokemart), and a Zoroark Pokedoll from kawaiikes's pickups! :)


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