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Small Collection Update/ Jakks Zorua Question!

I wasn't going to do an update so soon, but I was super excited about a custom I got in the mail yesterday! I also got my Jakks Zorua in the mail today, and something seemed a little weird about him. I want to know if all Jakks Zorua are like that. XD;
Also, my 1:1 Sentret plush auction will be ending tonight. He still has no bids.
(The auction is at the bottom of the page.)
Here, I even made a fancy preview this time!

Edit:I actually now know what kind of plush my Minun is, so I am looking for its Plusle partner! I'm looking for the price range of a 2004 Yawarakai Banpresto Plusle!

A custom N sculpture by berugii! This was a great addition to the beginnings of my N collection! ; A; SOSOSOSOSOSO cute! I totally spazzed when I got this in the mail yesterday! I just love the style and the shiny gold paint and everything about this sculpture! If he was any bigger, I'm pretty sure I'd like to hug him. I'm going to keep my Zorua clipping figure with him from now on. I think it looks adorable. XD I want to commission a sculpture of Silver to match him someday too.

And now for my newest Zorua!

He is so soft and adorable! I'm glad he's not ultra derpy. XD A little head squeezing and pulling mostly fixed that.
My question is about his mouth. Is the smile supposed to be embroidered? He just has a loose piece of fabric for a mouth and it struck me as odd when the rest of his face has embroidered details...XD It has me just a bit worried. I don't want to take his tag off until I know whether or not he's okay.

Turns out that he does indeed have a factory derp. In other weird news about this little guy, he also had a long strand of plastic stuck in his hip. ._. Like the kind that would attach a tag, but of course with no tag there. When I felt it, I pulled on it and the plastic came out. Thanks for poking my finger with that Jakks. I appreciate it.


This was a huge want of mine! All I could find were bootleg versions, but this one came MIP so I knew it was safe! XD I use it to water the flowers in my room. It's the perfect size to hold the amount of water they need.
Another shot of the adorable Skymin on top(Which is detachable):

I've been going to Toys R Us a lot lately, and every time I've gone recently, they've had Johto Foam Pokeballs! I've picked up all the ones I could. I already had the Moon Ball, but the rest of them are all new! I'm getting addicted to collecting these...XD

I also have this little cutie-pie!

I seriously hope I can find a matching Plusle to go with this little guy(If one exists)! He needs a buddy.
All I can get from the tag is that he's a Banpresto Plush from 2004. D:
And lastly, I got a Furret kid from the very first GA I participated in!

I'm slowly adding things to my Sentret and Furret collection~! I really want the Tomy Furret plush someday...XD I love plushies so much.
Anyway, that's it for this update~! I won't be doing another update until next month. XD And that's for sure. It'll have lots of customs in it. Anyway, have a good morning/day/evening everyone and happy collecting!
Tags: minun, sales, shaymin, zorua

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