Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Clean out ~ and Update

I recently came across some Hasbro and Jakks figures I believe there,
Used and very loved they may be good for possibly re-paint shiny jobs.But thats my opinion :]! you can always keep them as is. They had fights with crayons and markers...Lol I did my best clean them with Magic Eraser but not all marks came off,anyone know of another cleaning product that may help?

But if you like to see them,there up for sale in my journal!
Im also still trying sell some extra eevee items and few plushes so feel free to browse.
(figs include mainly dialga and palkia)

And a tiny update!

I got all these in mail few week or day ago ^^
Vaporeon from ebay,it look like the older pokedoll one tush tag was cut off so not sure >w<,along with Blitzle from Gin! Thank chuu and Snivy and Tepig plush from Pkmn Mall Tour,I couldn't go sadly but my sister and Mom went for me! Oshawott was sold out darn v.v ,maybe I try get one later on since I really want all 3!
Mom also bought me some bags there cute.Well hope you enjoyed this lil update thanks for reading c:

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